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by Steven Simring, MD with Frederick Stroppel


I woke up in the morning. I wasn’t feeling stable. I wasn’t feeling set. I was turning. I was turning. I was there but I was turning. I remember hearing God. God spoke to me. God told me, ‘Go in the room and kill your mother.’ I heard that. 

-RS, after being charged for the murder of his mother


I lost my temper, she started to walk away so I hit her in the back of the head with a Gatorade bottle that was laying on the ground, and then I grabbed her around the throat, but she got away and ran down the  dirt path. I tackled her and she landed on her stomach. I then rolled her over and she tried to scratch me, I began slapping her around, and then put my hand over her mouth, I may have done it too long. 

-JD, at the age of 16, confessed to a murder and rape that he did not commit



The civil and criminal courts of America are filled with these kinds of testimonies. Killers who are so divorced from reality that their actions beggar understanding. Victims whose physical traumas are compounded by deep mental scars – scars that might never heal. 


Forensic psychiatrist and Columbia University professor Steven Simring has been an expert witness in dozens of high-profile cases.


In criminal courts he has worked for defense lawyers and prosecutors. In civil court, he has assessed emotional damages suffered by victims of gay bashing, sexual abuse and assault, and even botched post-mastectomy reconstructive surgery. Simring doesn’t solve crimes – that’s not his thing. Instead, he’s the guy who helps the lawyers and judges figure out what justice should look like. 


The Race Trap
The RACE trap

​by Steven Simring, MD and

Robert L. Johnson, MD


The Race Trap delivers a surefire antidote to the complex problems of race in the workplace. Facing explosive situations head-on, Dr. Robert L. Johnson and Dr. Steven Simring provide uncompromising insight and advice on improving interracial communication, ending racial confrontation -- and simply getting on with the business of business.   In a field inundated with overheated rhetoric and few answers a to real-life problems, The Race Trap cuts through the hype and offers smart solutions for navigating the tricky terrain of race relations. The authors do not seek to alter anyone's personal beliefs or political views. Their mission is to help readers avoid trouble and to become more savvy in all interracial situations.

Making Marriage Work

​by Steven Simring, MD and

Sue Klavans Simring, PhD


The inspiration for countless one-liners, witty sayings, stage farces and not a few murder mysteries, marriage is more than just a relationship between two people. It’s one of life’s biggest adventures, and a healthy marriage can be one of life’s greatest gifts. But weathering the stresses and strains of married life and maintaining healthy marital bonds over a span of decades takes work, and sometimes you need help from two experts who have walked the walk.

Psychiatry Recall
2nd edition

​by Steven Simring, MD and

Barbara Fadem, PhD


This professional book facilitates rapid review and memorization of the key concepts encountered during the psychiatry rotation with a concise question-and-answer format. It includes coverage of all the major psychiatric disorders, types of therapy, and special issues in psychiatry, along with tips for the rotation and preparation for the boards.

High Yield Psychiatry
High-Yield Psychiatry

​by Steven Simring, MD and

Barbara Fadem, PhD


This classic review book by two mental health experts has helped generations of medical students to learn the psychiatric skills that every physician needs.

The Compatibility Quotient

by Steven Simring, MD and

Sue Klavans Simring, PhD


Sabermetrics has changed the science of baseball by focusing on accurate statistics and not merely personal impressions.   In the Compatibility Quotient, experts and long-time married couple Steve and Sue Simring apply cold statistics (with appropriate humor) and logical testing to assess how likely you and your intended partner are likely to make it in the long run.



Stop Repeating the Mistakes that Mess Up Your Love Life, Career, Finances, and Happiness


by Steven Simring, MD and 

Sue Klavans Simring, PhD


Two prominent experts in human relationships show that it is possible to overcome damaging behavior patterns if one has the awareness and discipline to eliminate the emotional blind spots that cloud judgement and lead to faulty decision making. 

How to Win Back the One You Love
How to Win Back the One You Love

​by Steven Simring, MD and

Eric Weber


One of the hardest human experiences is losing the person you truly love, whether that person leaves for someone else or for any other reason.  A mental health expert teams up with an advertising guru to demonstrate proven ways of winning back that person.

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