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by Steven Simring, MD with Frederick Stroppel


I woke up in the morning. I wasn’t feeling stable. I wasn’t feeling set. I was turning. I was turning. I was there but I was turning. I remember hearing God. God spoke to me. God told me, ‘Go in the room and kill your mother.’ I heard that. 

-RS, after being charged for the murder of his mother


I lost my temper, she started to walk away so I hit her in the back of the head with a Gatorade bottle that was laying on the ground, and then I grabbed her around the throat, but she got away and ran down the  dirt path. I tackled her and she landed on her stomach. I then rolled her over and she tried to scratch me, I began slapping her around, and then put my hand over her mouth, I may have done it too long. 

-JD, at the age of 16, confessed to a murder and rape that he did not commit


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